Are your retirement savings smaller than you’d like? (Or even non-existent?) And because of that, are you worried that a happy, fulfilling retirement is no longer possible? You’re in the right place!

You don’t gauge the quality of your working years solely by the size of your bank account. So why would you base the quality of your retirement on a single financial measure?

Live Well Anyway is for everyone who feels a little panicky when they realize they probably won’t save the $500,000 minimum recommended by most financial experts. (Or the $1.7 million most Canadians think they’ll need.)

I totally get it! But I also believe that the balance in your savings account is absolutely NOT the main determinant of how happy you’ll be in retirement.

That’s because life’s true gifts (good physical health, a strong social network, great food, and a sense of purpose) do not require large amounts of cash. Instead, they are largely forged through the regular investment of something far more precious – your time.

You have 24 hours to spend tomorrow, right? Invest a few of them wisely and you’ll be on your way to building a retirement that’s overflowing with riches.

Let’s get started.

Elizabeth Quayle has been an avid reader and writer for more than 50 years. Since earning a BA in English Lit (1991) and a Journalism Certificate (1996), she has written professionally for diverse public and private companies, as well as magazines, newspapers, non-profits, and government agencies. She started Live Well Anyway in 2023.

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